What's New With 2.7.x

January 16, 2023

[v2.7.1] => 2023-FEB-14


[v2.7.0] => 2023-JAN-16

A big thanks to @richardherbert for all the updates in this release.


  • FIXED var scoping of attachments variable

  • Updated to handle a response that is not JSON

  • 🐛 FIX: Update GHA to avoid deprecated syntax


  • Added test for MAILGUN_BASEURL property

  • Updated to make MAILGUN_APIURL optional

  • Added support for Mailgun EU region by making MAILGUN_APIURL an optional property with https://api.mailgun.net/v3/ as the default.


  • Updated all GHA actions to the latest versions and moved to use temurin Java distributions due to deprecation of the service.

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